Pipe Dreams




Pipe Dreams follows five young organists as they compete in Canada’s prestigious International Organ Competition (CIOC). Who will master the ‘king of instruments’ and come out victorious in Montreal? Pipe Dreams gives you an inside look into the wonderful world of competitive organ playing. From the quietest tinkling of a bell to the rumble of a locomotive… this is organ playing like you have never heard it before!

The Organ Symphony


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“Moscow State Conservatory presents a documentary film “”””The Organ Symphony”””” dedicated to the historical organ of the Great Hall of the Conservatory — the last creation of the great French master Aristide Cavaille-Coll.
One of the eldest and largest organs in Russia was built in 1899 and first sounded in 1900 – at the Exhibition Universelle in Paris, where he won a Gold medal and the Grand Prix. After that, the instrument was transported to Moscow and installed in the newly built Great Hall.
In 2014-2016, a large-scale restoration of the organ took place at the Moscow Conservatory. The film crew recorded all the most important and revealing moments: dismantling, removal of organ mechanics parts, fixing facade pipes etc. Filming of the restoration of such a large and significant organ was carried out in Russia for the first time.
The film created on the basis of these videos is an experimental genre hybrid — a combination of documentary and musical films with elements of video art. The historical chronicle and episodes of the restoration mixed with musical episodes composed specifically for this project.
The creators try to present an emotional artistic view on the instrument and its history. They want to show the organ as an amazing living creature that can breathe, sleep, suffer and, of course, talk to the audience.”

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