ITALIAN BUNDLE - Bundle of 3 films

A musical tour through some of Italy's architectural wonders


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Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
italian bundle
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
© Wnętrze Katedry Duomo

Tamburini and Mascioni organ

With a total of 186 stops, Milan Cathedral today houses the largest organ in Italy and the eighth largest organ in the world! The core of the instrument dates from 1938 and was built by the Italian organ builders, Tamburini and Mascioni. A major reconstruction was carried out by Tamburini in 1984, whereby those parts of the organ which had previously been housed at the eastern end of the side aisles were now combined in new organ cases directly next to the two historic Renaissance cases to the left and right of the chancel.

Corna organ

Zuzana Ferjenčíková plays Corna organ. Bergamo Cathedral has a cathedral organ built in 2010 by organ builder, Pietro Corna. The 48 stops are distributed among three very classically Italian divisions and a Swell with strings and reed stops for the Romantic organ literature, designed as a floating division. Typical stops are the Tromba en chamade 8′ and the repetitive Regale en chamade 4’/16′ on the third manual (Resonance).
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Cattedrale di Bergamo, Corna organ
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Wanderer organ in the Teatro Olimpico

Wanderer organ

Organs are unique – that is well known. The Wanderer organ by concert organist Paolo Oreni is something even more special: It is the first transportable concert organ! Transportable chest organs or even digital instruments are not uncommon, but the Wanderer organ, on the other hand, is a stately pipe organ! With the help of the so-called multiplex principle, a total of 43 stops are obtained from 12 unit ranks, which can be controlled from a three-manual console. The various pipes are distributed over individual mobile modules and can therefore be positioned independently of each other at the respective installation site and easily transported.
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Wayne Marshall © Afy

Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall, celebrated pianist, organist, improviser and conductor, hails from Manchester. After studying at the Royal College of Music London and in Vienna, he began his illustrious career, which has taken him around the world as a keyboard virtuoso for decades. As a conductor, he was head of the WDR Radio Orchestra until 2020 and is now a guest with many major orchestras. He is particularly dedicated to the compositions of Gershwin, Bernstein and other masters of the 20th century. For his musical merits he was awarded the honorary title “Order of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth II in 2021.

Zuzana Ferjenčíková

Zuzana Ferjenčíková was the first woman to win 1st prize at the International Organ Improvisation Competition in Haarlem. That was in 2004 and it was not her only competition success. Growing up in Slovakia, she received important impulses as an organist at the music conservatories in Bratislava and Vienna, but above all from Jean Guillou in Zurich and Paris. She performs his work as an interpreter at international festivals, just as she does Franz Liszt and Marcel Dupré. As a composer, she has an impressive œuvre with works for organ, piano and mixed instrumental ensembles. She is the founding president of the Vienna Franz Liszt Society. Since 2021 she teaches organ at Codarts University for Music in Rotterdam.
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Zuzana Ferjenčíková © Britt Schier
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Paolo Oreni © Otto Beuren & Hansjörg Albrecht © Florian Wagner

Paolo Oreni

Paolo Oreni, a multilingual Italian, was influenced by frequent encounters with Jean Guillou, whose Zurich courses he attended. With virtuosity and joy in playing, as well as grandiose improvisations, he inspires audiences in his concerts and as a lecturer in master classes throughout Europe. Oreni is an expert in organ building. He designed his own transportable pipe organ “Wanderer”, which will be used with five modules at this concert.

Hansjörg Albrecht

Hansjörg Albrecht is regarded as a musical prodigy is one of the few concert organists who is also a regularly present internationally as a conductor. He is Artistic Director of the Munich Bach Choir & Bach Orchestra, Principal Guest Conductor of the Teatro Petruzzelli Bari, Guest Conductor of the Carl-Phillip-Emanuel-Bach-Chores Hamburg as well as a frequent guest with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and the the Staatskapelle Weimar. He has released more than 25 albums and was nominated for a GRAMMY Award in 2013.

Martin Baker

Martin Baker was organist at Westminster and St Paul’s Cathedrals and at Westminster Abbey in London, as well as Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral from 2000 to 2019. He was Improvisation Laureate at St Albans and is in demand worldwide as a performer and improviser, as well as a lecturer and adjudicator.

Giulio Bonetto

Giulio Bonetto, not yet 30, is principal organist and choir director at the Church of San Fermo Maggiore in Verona. He first learned the organ from his father, Roberto, and took his soloist diploma with G. Feltrin. He met Jean Guillou in master classes. Giulio, who has a further degree in law, directs a European organ festival in Verona.
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Martin Baker © Journalofmusic & Giulio Bonetto © R.Bonett
Italian Bundle – Bundle of 3 films
Martin Kovarik & Davide Macaluso

Martin Kovarik

Martin Kovarik comes from the Czech Republic, where he studied piano and organ in Ostrava. He owes many formative lessons with Jean Guillou to a special fondness for the latter’s organ works, which he makes known in concerts throughout Europe. In the meantime, he is active in Switzerland at various churches.

Davide Macaluso

Davide Macaluso is a trained pianist and is intimately familiar with the piano works of Jean Guillou – he has recorded them in their entirety. Among them is the piano version of the famous Toccata for organ by Jean Guillou. Davide lives and teaches in Milan.

ITALIAN BUNDLE - Bundle of 3 films

A musical tour through some of Italy’s architectural wonders

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