Crowdfunding: Help IOOF to finish it’s production and make the festival happen

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Help IOOF – International Online Organ Festival to finish it’s production and make the festival happen

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We are up for new things. That‘s actually what we are doing for the last months at IOOF. And if you just get that feeling, things going the right direction: WOW! Nevertheless, we also had our downs. Being honest, a lot.
And now again, something new? In the mood and in the need to further walk our way to success, we began our very first crowdfunding campaign. Neither from us had any experiences before with crowdfunding. But at the end, we are very pleased with the outcome.
To make a long story short: If you could just ‘click‘ on our campaign on ‘Kickstarter.com’, we’d be delighted. Really!
Maybe you like it and rest for a while, maybe you don‘t. We value your attention and the chance to show what we are up to.

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